TSI Chokes and Choke Components

TSI Flow Products chokes are built to the highest standards using advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

TSI offers OCT-JWA & 1502 chokes. They are available as positive or adjustable, up to 15,000 PSI.

TSI chokes are designed and manufactured in accordance with API-6A Product Specification Levels (PSL) 1 to 4, and can be supplied in any of the API material classes suitable for temperature classification P thru U as standard, or K, L, or X to order. End connections are flanged and Union as standard. However, other connections are available, such as Linepipe threaded and Hub ends, and can be supplied to order.

The TSI adjustable choke is of the conventional tried-and-tested Needle and Seat design, available with orifice sizes of 3/4" to 2" depending on the body style selected.

The stem is of Stainless Steel with a tungsten carbide tip.

The TSI positive choke accept a replaceable fixed orifice flow bean (supplied separately) that is measured in 64ths of an inch. Adjustable chokes can be converted to positive chokes and vice versa by replacing the bonnet assembly and the seat or bean.

2" 1502 Positive Choke Replacement Parts

2in 1502 Positive Choke
13Wing Nut 2" 1502
23Retaining Ring
31Blanking Cap
43Union Seal - 2" 1502
62Split Ring Set
71Choke Saver

2" 1502 Adjustable Choke Replacement Parts

2in 1502 Adjustable Choke
11Stem Nut and Washer
21Hand Wheel
33Wing Nut 2" 1502
41Indicator & Set Screw 3/4"
Indicator & Set Screw 1"
51Bonnet Cap
61Drive Bushing
71Bonnet Housing
81Grease Fitting
91Nylon Ball
101Thumb Screw
121Packing Retainer
131Stem Guide
141Internal Retaining Ring
151Choke Stem
161Seat 3/4" FL/TC
Seat 1" FL/TC
173Union Seal 2" 1502
181Choke Body 2" 1502
192External Retainer Ring
202Split Ring Set
211Choke Saver

3" 1502 Positive Choke Replacement Parts

3in Positive Choke
11Wing Nut BNT 3" Choke
21External Retaining Ring
31Blanking Cap
51Union Seal
71Retaining Ring
81Split Ring Set
91Wing Nut 3" 1502

3" 1502 Adjustable Choke Replacement Parts

3in Positive Choke
11Stem Nut and Washer
21Hand Wheel
3Wing Nut BNT 3" Choke
41Indicator & Set Screw
51Nylon Ball
6Bolt and Washer
71Thumb Screw
81Grease Fitting
11Back up Ring/Stem Guide
131Retaining Ring
151Seat Seal
17Union Seal 3" 1502
19External Retaining Ring
20Split Ring Set
21 1Wing Nut 3" 1502